Bga 900 Embedded Communication Chip XC7Z100 2FFG900I XC7Z100 FFG900

Product Details:
Model Number: XC7Z100-2FFG900I
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Bargain
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 1-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1kk/months
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Detail Information

BOM Service: Accepted Samples: Available
Door To Door Shipment: Yes Packing: PP Bag+carton
Description: SoC FPGA XC7Z100-2FFG900I Mfr. Part #: XC7Z100-2FFG900I
High Light:

Bga 900 communication chip


XC7Z100 communication chip


XC7Z100 2FFG900I

Product Description

XC7Z100-2FFG900I Bga900 Embedded Communication Chip XC7Z100-2FFG900I XC7Z100-FFG900 XC7Z100-2FFG900 XC7Z100 FBGA900 IC

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Model Package Date
STM32F407ZET6 LQFP144 2020+/2019+
ADM2587EBRWZ-REEL7 SOP-20 2020+
LAN8720A-CP-TR QFN24 2020+
STM32F401RCT6 LQFP64 2020+
OP27GSZ-REEL7 SOP8 2020+
MP150GJ-Z SOT23-5 2020+
TLV62565DBVR SOT23-5 1740+
STM32F407VET6 LQFP100 2020+
EPM240T100C5N TQFP100 2020/2021+
XC7Z100-2FFG900I BGA 2019+
NRF51822-QFAC QFN48 2021+
760390014 SMD 2021+
MP2451DT-LF-Z SOT23-6 2020+
MP1584EN-LF-Z SOP8 2020+
MP2161GJ-Z SOT23-8 2020+
MP2122GJ-Z SOT23-8 2020+
TLC272CDR SOP8 2020+
MCP6071-E/SN SOP8 2019+
TPS563201DDCR SOT23-6 2020+
TPS562201DDCR SOT23-6 2018+
PSD03C-LF-T7 SOD-323 2020+
XC6209B332MR SOT23-5 2017+
ISO1050DUBR SOP8 2020+
LMC6032IMX/NOPB SOP8 2020+
TPS60403DBVR SOT23-5 2020+
GBLC15C-LF-T7 SOD323 2018+
LBAV70LT1G SOT23 2018+
L2SC3356LT1G SOT23 2018+
MCP6072T-E/SN SOP8 2020+
MCP6071T-E/OT SOT23-5 2020+
TLC555M/TR SOP8 2020+
TP5592-SR SOP8 2020+
NCP1521BSNT1G SOT23-5 2018+
SM05 SOT23 2021+
STM8S105K4T6C LQFP-32 2020+
AS5045-ASST SSOP16 2020+
ACS710KLATR-12CB-T SOIC16 2020+
A4950ELJTR-T SOP8 2021+
LMV774MTX TSSOP14 2020+
SN6501DBVR SOT23-5 2020+
TPS76333DBVR SOT23-5 2020+
TPS51200DRCR VSON10 2021+
TPA3116D2DADR HTSSOP32 2021+
TPS61040DBVR SOT23-5 2020+
ISO3082DWR SOP16 2021+
LM4890MX/NOPB SOP8 2018+
TLV431AIDBZR SOT23-3 2021+
TLV62568PDRLR SOT563 2020+
TPS5430DDAR SOP8 2020+
LMR16020PDDAR SOP8 2020+
TLC27L4IDR SOP14 2020+
ADUM1201ARZ SOP8 2020+
AD822ARZ-REEL7 SOP8 2020+
PIC16F1783-I/SS SSOP28 2020+
MIC5209-3.3YS-TR SOT223 2019+
PIC16F1786-I/SS SSOP28 2020+
AT24C256C-SSHL-T SOP8 2019+
PIC16F1788-I/SS SSOP-28 2020+
ME6208A30PG SOT89-3 2020+
ME6208A36PG SOT89 2020+
EPM240T100C5N TQFP100 2020/2021+
EPM570T144C5N TQFP-144 2020+
EPM570T144I5N TQFP-144 2020+
XC7Z100-2FFG900I BGA 2019+
L8550HQLT1G SOT23 2018+
LNK625D1-TL SOP7 2017+
MPL3115A2R1 LGA8 2020+
74HC164D SOP14 2020+
74HC595D SOP16 2020+
FT24C02A-KSR-T SOP8 2020+
AMS1117-3.3 SOT223 2020+/2019+
MA4P1250-1072T SMD 2020+
LMH6643MAX SOP8 2018+
UCC28019ADR SOIC8 2020+
TXB0104RUTR UQFN-12 2020+
MP1497DJ-LF-Z SOT23-8 2020+
MC14584BDR2 SOP8 2020+
74477124 SMD 2020+
EP4CE30F23C8N BGA 2020+
EP4CE30F23I7N BGA484 2020+
EPM1270T144C5N TQFP144 2020+
SA605DK TSSOP20 2020+
NRF51822-QFAC QFN48 2021+
BC26NC-04-STD SMD 2020+
SP485EEN-L/TR SOP8 2020+
SGM2019-3.3YC5G/TR SC70-5 2020+
ADUM1201BRZ-RL7 SOP8 2020+
THB6064MQ ZIP25 2020+
AD7606BSTZ LQFP64 2020+
STM32G030C8T6 LQFP48 2021+
MSP430F4152IPMR LQFP64 2020+
MAX232IDR SOP16 2020+
MSP430F2132IPWR TSSOP28 2020+
MSP430F135IPMR LQFP64 2021+
SN65LBC184DR SOP8 2020+
SN74HC541PWR TSSOP20 2021+
ADM2486BRWZ-REEL SOP16 2020+
NRF52832-QFAA QFN48 2021+
WL2815D30-4/TR DFN-1X1-4L 2020+
XB5332A SOT23-5 2020+
XB6092I2 DFN1x1-4 2020+
MAX809SEUR+T SOT23-3 20+
SP3232EEN-L/TR SOP-16 20+
EG8405 SOP16 20+
SPX1117M3-L-3-3/TR SOT223-3 2020+
LAN9500AI-ABZJ QFN-56 2021+
AT24C08C-SSHM-T SOP8 2021+
MC34063ADR2G SOP8 2020+
NUP2105LT1G SOT23-3 2020+
EPM3128ATC100-10N TQFP100 2018+
PCA82C251T SOP8 2020+
PCF8563T/5 SOP 2020+
BAV99 SOT23 2020+
GD32F105RBT6 LQFP64 2020+
GD32F207IKT6 LQFP176 2020+
GD32F103C8T6 LQFP48 2020+
GD32F130C8T6 LQFP48 2020+
XPT2046 TSSOP16 2020+
XC6SLX9-2FTG256C BGA256 20+
XC6SLX9-2TQG144C TQFP-144 20+
TMS320F28027PTT LQFP-48 2107+
CC1310F128RGZR VQFN48 20+
FT232RQ QFN-32 20+
XTR115UA/2K5 SOP-8 2047+
TMS320F28034PNT LQFP-80 20+
TMS320F2812PGFA LQFP-176 20+
TMS320F28035PAGT LQFP-64 20+
TMS320F28035PNT LQFP-80 20+
XL4001 SOP-8 20+
ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7 SOP-20 2101+
DIR9001PWR TSSOP-28 19+
SGM706-SYS8G/TR SOP-8 19+
FT232RL SSOP-28 20+
MP2303ADN-LF-Z SOP-8 20+
WM8988LGECN/RV QFN28 20+
AD623ARZ-R7 SOP-8 20+
LAN8720AI-CP-TR QFN-24 21+
ADAU7002ACBZ-R7 WLCSP-8 2045+
2N7002 SOT-23 20+
M25MA-04-STD LCC 21+
TPS73701DCQR SOT-223 20+
TPS2553DRVR-1 WSON-6 20+
TLV61220DBVR SOT23-6 2034+
GD32F103C8T6 LQFP-48 20+
GD32F103CBT6 LQFP-48 20+
GD32F103RBT6 LQFP-64 20+
GD32F103VCT6 LQFP-100
GD32F103VET6 LQFP-100
GD32F103RCT6 LQFP-64 20+
GD32F303CCT6 LQFP-48 20+
LMC6482AIMX SOIC-8 2103+
ULN2803ADWR SOP-18 21+


Bga 900 Embedded Communication Chip XC7Z100 2FFG900I XC7Z100 FFG900 0



Q : Are your products original?

A: Yes ! all products are original and produced by original manufacturers. Our parts could accept any kinds of testing , if there is any quality problems we will take responsible .


Q: What is your lead time ?

A: There are no lead times for in-stock products. Most of the parts could be shipped out within 3 days after payment have been confirmed.


Q: What's the MOQ for your products?

A: We accept small orders from our customers. Please feel free to contact with us.


Q: May I have a sample for testing ?

A: Yes ! Only to pay shipping cost ,free samples could be sent for testing .


Q: How do I pay for the order?

A: You may pay by TT, and Alibaba online. Or you may also consult us.


Q: How are my parcels shipped?

A: Normally we use DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS etc. Please contact with us otherwise.


Q: Do you provide the BOM Kitting service? Can I send my BOM to you?

A: Yes certainly. Please just feel free to contact us and send us your BOM and then we'll quote for you.

Bga 900 Embedded Communication Chip XC7Z100 2FFG900I XC7Z100 FFG900 1


ARM Microcontrollers - MCU


Model ROM RAM Operating Supply Voltage Package / Case
STM32F101C8T6 64K 10K 2.0V-3.6V 48-LQFP
STM32F101C6T6 32K 6K 2.0V-3.6V 48-LQFP
STM32F101RBT6 128K 16K 2.0V-3.6V 64-LQFP
STM32F101R8T6 64K 10K 2.0V-3.6V 64-LQFP
STM32F101V8T6 64K 10K 2.0V-3.6V 100-LQFP
STM32F101VBT6 128K 16K 2.0V-3.6V 100-LQFP
STM32F101ZET6 512K 48K 2.0V-3.6V 144-LQFP
STM32F103C8T6 64K 20K 2.0V-3.6V 48-LQFP
STM32F103V8T6 64K 20K 2.0V-3.6V 100-LQFP
STM32F103VBT6 128K 20K 2.0V-3.6V 100-LQFP
STM32F103R8T6 64K 20K 2.0V-3.6V 64-LQFP
STM32F103RBT6 128K 20K 2.0V-3.6V 64-LQFP
STM32F103RCT6 256K 48K 2.0V-3.6V 64-LQFP
STM32F103VET6 512K 64K 2.5V-3.3V 100-LQFP
STM32F103ZET6 512K 64K 2.5V-3.3V 144-LQFP
STM8S103K3T6C 8K 1K 3.3V-5.0V 32-LQFP
STM8S105K4T6C 16K 2K 2.95V-5.0V 32-LQFP


Bga 900 Embedded Communication Chip XC7Z100 2FFG900I XC7Z100 FFG900 2

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