SMT SMD ZMM5V1 Zener Diode 10V 12V 15V 16V 18V 20V 24V 0.5W 1/2W

Product Details:
Model Number: ZMM5V1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs
Price: Bargain
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 1-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10kk/month
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Detail Information

Product Category: Zener Diodes Vz - Zener Voltage: 5.1 V
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT Pd - Power Dissipation: 500 MW
Type: Diodes & Rectifiers Samples: Acceptable
High Light:



5.1 V Zener Diodes


ZMM5V1 Zener Diodes

Product Description

ZMM5V1 ZMM3V0 3V3 3V9 4V7 5V1 7V5 8V2 10V 12V 15V 16V 18V 20V 24V LL34 3.3V 3V3 0.5W 1/2W Zener Diode SMD diode

regulator 1 / 2W 5.1V ZMM5V1 ( SMD LL34 package )


625-ZMM2.7, 625-ZMM3.0, 625-ZMM3.3, 625-ZMM3.6, 625-ZMM3.9,
625-ZMM4.3, 625-ZMM4.7, 625-ZMM5.1, 625-ZMM5.6, 625-ZMM6.2,
625-ZMM6.8, 625-ZMM7.5, 625-ZMM8.2, 625-ZMM9.1, 625-ZMM10,
625-ZMM11, 625-ZMM12, 625-ZMM13, 625-ZMM15, 625-ZMM16,
625-ZMM18, 625-ZMM20, 625-ZMM22, 625-ZMM24, 625-ZMM27,
625-ZMM30, 625-ZMM33, 625-ZMM36, 625-ZMM39, 625-ZMM43,
625-ZMM47 and 625-ZMM51.

The closest replacement is shown below:

                Original              Replacement
Voltage         Part Number           Part Number
2.7             625-ZMM2.7            78-TZMC2.7
3.0             625-ZMM3.0            78-TZMC3.0
3.3             625-ZMM3.3            78-TZMC3.3
3.6             625-ZMM3.6            78-TZMC3.6
3.9             625-ZMM3.9            78-TZMC3.9
4.3             625-ZMM4.3            78-TZMC4.3
4.7             625-ZMM4.7            78-TZMC4.7
5.1             625-ZMM5.1            78-TZMC5.1
5.6             625-ZMM5.6            78-TZMC5.6
6.2             625-ZMM6.2            78-TZMC6.2
6.8             625-ZMM6.8            78-TZMC6.8
7.5             625-ZMM7.5            78-TZMC7.5
8.2             625-ZMM8.2            78-TZMC8.2
9.1             625-ZMM9.1            78-TZMC9.1
10              625-ZMM10             78-TZMC10
11              625-ZMM11             78-TZMC11
12              625-ZMM12             78-TZMC12
13              625-ZMM13             78-TZMC13
15              625-ZMM15             78-TZMC15
16              625-ZMM16             78-TZMC16
18              625-ZMM18             78-TZMC18
20              625-ZMM20             78-TZMC20
22              625-ZMM22             78-TZMC22
24              625-ZMM24             78-TZMC24
27              625-ZMM27             78-TZMC27
30              625-ZMM30             78-TZMC30
33              625-ZMM33             78-TZMC33
36              625-ZMM36             78-TZMC36
39              625-ZMM39             78-TZMC39
43              625-ZMM43             78-TZMC43
47              625-ZMM47             78-TZMC47
51              625-ZMM51             78-TZMC51

The replacement is the same type of device and should work as a
direct replacement.

SMT SMD ZMM5V1 Zener Diode 10V 12V 15V 16V 18V 20V 24V 0.5W 1/2W 0

SMT SMD ZMM5V1 Zener Diode 10V 12V 15V 16V 18V 20V 24V 0.5W 1/2W 1

Our goods:


Active components (IC integrated circuits, memory chips, diodes, transistors, etc.)

Passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.)

Electromechanical components (connectors, switching devices, etc.).

SMT SMD ZMM5V1 Zener Diode 10V 12V 15V 16V 18V 20V 24V 0.5W 1/2W 2

1.- We can ship the products all the world.
2.- DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS, Post, Hongkong Post are all available.
3.- The item will be sent out with 3 days after receiving the payment.
4.- Please make sure your delivery address and contact telephone number are correct when you bid the item.
5.- You can track the situation of your product website after they are shipped out
SMT SMD ZMM5V1 Zener Diode 10V 12V 15V 16V 18V 20V 24V 0.5W 1/2W 3
Import Taxes or Duties
1.- Import duties, taxes and other charges happened in your side are not included in the price of the item. These fees are afforded by buyer.
2.- Please check with you country's Customs office to determine what these additional costs will be before purchase.
3.- Please confirmed detailed information about delivery invoice. For example, how much price we should write the waybill invoice, or how to describe the item, etc..


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours, please do not rush the negative feedback.


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